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KDZ&partners Law Group

KDZ&partners Law Group provides a wide range of legal services to businesses, state-owned companies, financial institutions, foreign enterprises, as well as to citizens on their support and protection in various jurisdictions, including:
Arbitration cases
Criminal cases
Tax law
Corporate law
Real estate and construction
Land disputes
Anti-crisis management
Civil cases
Administrative disputes
Anti-monopoly disputes
Intellectual property
Legal services
Private clients
Corporate conflicts

“From the total number of specialists in the legal services market our lawyers single out the understanding of the specificity and peculiarities of the client base and the focus on the effective solution of the tasks set.

Soslan Darchiev

Managing Partner


With KDZ&partners you can count on the most effective protection of your interests!

Our experts have extensive experience working with companies from various sectors of the economy and provide professional services in such areas as energy and natural resources, industry, finance, real estate and construction, trade, automobile business and many others. Providing services, all KDZ&partners specialists strictly follow the main principle of the company’s work – achieving maximum results for the client.

Our principles

The fundamental purpose of KDZ&partners Law Group is to provide legal services of the highest quality and best service.

providing high-quality and efficient legal services due to the continuous professional growth of our lawyers

special delicacy and complete confidentiality regarding wishes, requirements, and sometimes feelings of the client

the use of all Low Group resources to complete the client’s task

We understand that work with a client is always individual and requires a balance between scale and mobility, therefore we always retain flexibility to adapt to the client’s needs and constantly changing market conditions. We do not only know about the high risks and problems associated with business activities, but also how to solve them! Our lawyers have extensive professional experience, in-depth knowledge, responsibility and insight. We build long-term partnerships with individual and corporate clients, providing the optimal complex solution to legal issues and problems.

We are proud of the respect and recognition of principals, partners and colleagues in the professional community for the continued precision, clarity and efficiency in our work. Contact us and our lawyers will provide you with operational support, if necessary, carry out legal expertise of documents/ Due Diligence and represent your interests in court, as well as in state, local self-government and other authorities/organizations.