Anti-crisis management. Corporate conflicts.

In any company, there are conflicts of interests and differences in views on the development strategy. The main ones are confrontation between minority and controlling shareholders; struggles between shareholders and management; conflicts between principal shareholders, as well as conflicts that arose during takeovers. However, with a well-structured corporate governance system, the above-mentioned conflicts can be minimized, and emersed disagreements can be resolved in a civilized way.

KDZ&partners’ specialists will help to figure out a conflict situation, find the most beneficial solution of a problem and protect the rights and interests of a client.

It is essential to recall that within a market economy, crisis situations can arise at all stages of an enterprise life cycle (introduction, growth, maturity, decline). Short-term crises do not change the essence of the enterprise and can be eliminated with the help of timely measures. In case an enterprise is principally inefficient, and timely, appropriate measures to eliminate inefficiency have not been taken, the economic crisis takes a protracted nature, up to bankruptcy.

You can avoid a crisis or reduce the risks of adverse effects if you notice the symptoms of its appearance on time.

Anti-crisis management is the measures aimed at improving the financial and economic activities of an enterprise and conducting a crisis bailout.

There are many reasons for a crisis, but most of them arise due to inefficient management.

The specifics of crisis management is related to the need of complex management decisions under the conditions of limited financial resources, a large degree of uncertainty and risk, therefore it is recommended the enterprise owner to involve appropriate external specialists.

corporate conflict risk assessment;
corporate conflict analysis and development of a strategy for its resolution to protect one of the parties, including protection of violated rights of minority participants (shareholders);
participation in litigation of corporate disputes;
financial and economic condition analysis, assessment of an enterprise development prospects;
development of management and marketing strategies of an enterprise;
development and implementation of a financial recovery program for an enterprise, including the search for investment sources under the conditions of limited resources;
asset management and implementation of investment projects within the frame of anti-crisis management;
workout collection.

Darchiev Soslan Olegovich

— Managing Partner. A Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

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