Zinoviev Robert Yurievich


Senior Partner



Criminal cases
Arbitration cases


39 years

Robert protects trustees in complex criminal cases that have a great public outcry. He specializes in protecting the rights and representing the interests of citizens and organizations in criminal cases: economic and official crimes, protecting the professional rights of lawyers and protecting lawyers from unjustified prosecution for carrying out professional activities.

Robert successfully participated in the rendering legal assistance in high-profile criminal cases: the defense of Andrei Sagura (former Assistant Chief Military Prosecutor of Russia); M. Khodorkovsky, Boris Kuznetsov (the lawyer emigrated in relation to the criminal prosecution for the investigation data divulging); A. Soskovets (the son of a former Vice-Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation), etc.

Robert takes an active part in the activities of the Russian Bar: for a long time he was a member of the Council in the Moscow Bar Association. Нe is a Chairman of the Committee for the protection of the Moscow Bar Association lawyers’ rights, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Inter-Republic Bar Association (Moscow); is an honorary lawyer of Russia.

For his success in advocacy activity, Robert was awarded the F.N. Plevako silver medal; holds the Order “For Service to the Bar”, the medal “For Merit in Protection of Rights and Freedoms of Citizens”, 1st Degree; the medal of Dzerzhinsky Felix Edmundovich, the title “Honored Lawyer of Russia”, the Jubilee commemorative “150 years of the Russian bar”, the medal for Sacrificial Service, a honorary diploma of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Robert was repeatedly encouraged by the Presidium of the MSAL. Likewise, his name is entered in the Book of Honor of MSAL.